About Conduit Investments®

Conduit Investments® is not a stock brokerage, mutual fund company, or investment bank. Conduit Investments® offers alternatives to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds (retail investments). Through our unique advice, services, and patent-pending investment products designed to solve today’s problems, Conduit Investments® is wholeheartedly focused on helping all of our clients accomplish their economic goals. Our unique investment philosophy instructs us, among other things, to maximize passive income and avoid common mistakes that are the result of a number of misconceptions and flawed financial rationale.

Our Story

Conduit Investments® was an idea originally conceived in 1998 by the business’ CEO, Eric January. As a practicing Certified Public Accountant (CPA), he realized that the public needed more than a CPA. Having worked in the cut-throat, commission-driven financial services arena as a registered investment advisor at one of the nation's largest insurers, Eric realized that the market needed a Conduit.

This epiphany hit him at end of the tax season. His last tax client of that year, a small business owner, asked whether an investment was appropriate for her. It wasn’t! The damage had already been done, and there was nothing that could be done to resolve the situation other than avoiding such nasty scenarios in the future.

This is what he set out to do: create a business with a can-do-it attitude, incorporating Conduit Financial Services on May 1, 1998 which emerged as Conduit Investments, Inc.® It’s not just a slogan. We are not out just to earn a commission. At Conduit Investments® we believe that if you use our products and follow our advice, you eventually won’t have to work or worry about running out of money or the stock market crashing because your investments will produce enough income to afford your standard of living. We also believe that you can achieve a higher rate of return on investment while accepting less risk. We believe that you can still retire in comfort and complete economic security even if you haven’t “saved” millions of dollars.

We believe that you can because our rationale and investment vehicles are designed to put the maximum amount of reoccurring income in your pocket. Our compensation is tied to the belief that Conduit can do it. If you don’t collect any money from the investments we recommend, neither do we. (See Fees and Commissions for details). For more of what we believe and to learn how Conduit’s investment products and services can help you reach that truly human goal of economic independence while improving the world, contact us.

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