Ready for alternatives to the stock markets wild up and down price swings? Need safer investment's that produce sustainable cash returns on investments that you can live off of? Well sit back and relax, Conduit Investments® can do it!

We've tied our compensation to how much money you make from the investments we recommend and their overall performance. It doesn't get any simpler than that. Contact us for further investment details.

For prospectus: Before investing, consider the investments objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Contact Conduit Investments® for a prospectus containing this information. Read it carefully.

Educational Materials

You can do it! You can live a prosperous, debt-free, and productive life. With the right knowledge you can fund educational expenses without incurring boat loads of debt, you won't have to get a part-time job during retirement to supplement meager investment income because you are afraid of running out of money. You can do that and more without reverse mortgages with the Gainology book series, but not with texts based on conventional financial wisdom.

Our books, although written by our CEO, Eric January, CPA, are not company sales material incognito. What you'll gain from our materials are profound insights based on the laws of momentum that everyone needs to know in order to accomplish his or her goals while simultaneously, even if not intentionally, improving an out of sync society.

We teach subjects with which you may be familiar such as:

But you'll learn what is not taught elsewhere-what works. Click here to order.



At Conduit Investments® we've placed an emphasis on service, fee-only service. We distinguish product sales from services, something that many in the marketplace have yet to comprehend. Our services concentrate on providing planning, analysis, and valuation services that work for individuals and organizations. No guessing or blind faith in an often flawed financial rationale is involved in our processes.

Using our proprietary tools and distinct rationale allows Conduit Investments® to scientifically solve problems. Dating back to the early days of our CEO's public accounting practice, we've routinely helped clients make profitable business decisions and avoid costly mistakes. To schedule an appointment contact us.

Training & Development (for individuals & organizations)

Anybody can get lucky. You don't have to be an economic genius to hit the lottery; however, when you want to gain and protect wealth, no matter the level of income, wealth, or amount of success that you've obtained in other business endeavors, you need to understand the correct, guaranteed-to-work basics of investing, risk, and valuation. And that's what you get at Conduit.

We instruct individuals and organizations how to use our intuitive, easy to learn and apply money management insights that work. Anyone can claim that what they teach works, but at Conduit Investments® we back it up. We offer a complete, money back guarantee. This is the only time that after making an investment you can get a refund.

Take advantage of this opportunity. Using the texts that discuss making money in relation to the laws of momentum (the Gainology series written by our CEO) as the core curriculum, our instructors will enhance what you know about managing risk, valuing investments, budgeting, and much more.

To schedule an in-house training for your employees or to attend one of our events open to the public, contact us.

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