Why Conduit?

Often, several factors contribute to selecting a product, professional, or business over another when there are true alternatives. For instance, when price, quality, and quantity aren't enough to make the decision, the deciding factors often boil down to patronizing someone whom you trust and/or with whom you prefer to deal. Maybe you are reading this because you are doing your homework and want to know, "Why should I put my money with Conduit Investments®? What does Conduit Investments® bring to the table that these old established institutions-who aren't making me any money-do not?" That's part of the answer. We are the alternative to unprofitable retail investments.

Our investment products, fee structure, investment philosophy and time and money management and your rights in combination illustrate that we are the top tool in the business.

Investment Philosophy

At Conduit Investments, Inc.® our investment philosophy isn't complicated. You don't need a PhD in economics to understand the rationale that we use to value, select, and recommend investments. In fact, a formal college and/or traditional financial education often confuses and makes it more difficult for a person to accept our simple philosophy, which is based on several related premises.

We believe in keeping it simple and don't try to impress or to intentionally confuse people with technical jargon. We present the facts so that you can make a sound decision. Combining such investment philosophies with other proprietary insights explains why we believe that Conduit Investments® can do it. We are so convinced that our investment philosophies are effective that we've tied our compensation to it.

That's right! Unlike investment advisors or retail investment companies, we've linked our commission compensation to the revenue our clients gain from their investments. (See our Fees & Commissions.)

Our Fees & Commissions

At Conduit Investments® our fee and commission structure is straightforward and simple. No hidden fees or charges. If you don't collect any money from the investments we recommend, neither do we. That's simple.

Our compensation is directly tied to how much money you earn from the investment and is easy to calculate and determine. Conduit Investments® gets paid a fraction of what you gain from the investment. In other words, unlike mutual fund management companies, traditional financial advisors, fee-only financial planners, insurers, brokers, etc., we are not contractually entitled to earn a commission or to collect a litany of often hidden fees if you have not collected income from an investment we've recommended at Conduit Investments®.

This is how it is in business, and this is exactly how we expect to get paid at Conduit Investments®. We are not merely claiming, as others do, that we'll select the appropriate investment for you; our compensation structure demonstrates it. This is one of the main reasons to choose Conduit Investments®. For further details contact us.

Your Rights at Conduit Investments®

At Conduit Investments® we believe that as a business owner, you have earned certain rights. We believe that you have the right to more than what the public gets from owning interests in publicly-traded businesses. Essentially, owners of publicly-traded businesses either have the right to sell or hold their business interests or to vote yea or nay for what the management wants. That is not enough protection for the small guy, and this is especially evident when management gets what it wants, even if it is clearly not in the economic interest of all the owners.

In order to avoid conflicts of interest and to keep management honest and working in the best interest of all the owners, we've provided each owner specific unalienable contractual rights, often in addition to what SEC regulations require. See chart below for details of additional rights at Conduit versus what is offered with conventional investments.

Your Rights at
Conduit Investments®
Your Rights with Stocks & Conventional Investments
You have the right to participate in the profits of the business. No board approval is necessary. Receiving cash dividends are automatic. With stocks, shareholders have no right to participate in the profits the business generates beyond what the board of directors approves. Therefore, if the board doesn't approve a dividend, you might not participate in the profits generated from business activities at all and most certainly won't gain the maximum amount possible.
In addition to receiving timely and accurate statements, you have the right to inspect the accounting records of the business that you own. Certain reasonable restrictions apply. With stocks, shareholders have no right to inspect the books of the organization. They only have access to summarized financial statements.
These added benefits illustrate that there is more similarity between the rights you have at Conduit Investments® and the rights you have owning a business outright than anywhere else. This is yet another reason to select Conduit Investments® and to contact us click here.

Time Management

Like in any business, it takes commitment to accomplish your goals. The investment business requires a lot of time, effort, and expense to effectively vet potential investments; it takes more time, energy, and money than most people with full-time jobs can afford to spend. Putting something else demanding, such as managing your investments, on a crowded plate and doing it well enough to produce the needed results simply isn't possible for most. Others just don't want the hassle and prefer to leave managing their money to professionals.

We believe that you should hire Conduit Investments® to accomplish your goals through effective time and resource management. Not only is investing our business, but also as our policies illustrate, we earn our income based on doing what's in your economic interest. Conduit Investments® is the best tool on the market that will effectively help you leverage your time, effort, and money. We're committed to helping you make money while you sleep.

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